24K Gold Rate Today in India

 Gold Rate Today in India

Gold price has over the years been a perfect hedge against inflation. Investors are increasingly looking at gold as an important investment. Post4ads is providing gold price in all over India for our readers informational purposes only. These gold rates are updated today and are sourced from reputed jewellers in the country.

24K gold = 100% Pure Gold

1K Gold = 4.167% Pure Gold

22K Gold = (4.167 X 22) = 91.67% Pure Gold

About Gold

24K gold is not used in jewellery. In fact, it is difficult to even get 99.99% pure gold bullion these days. The purest of gold available in the market today are 99.95% pure. 24K gold or pure gold is relatively has lesser hardness. Though that makes it easy to mould in jewellerybut that also makes it infeasible for daily wear. Imagine your mother wearing 24K gold bangles and doing household work every day. It is easy to imagine that the bangle will soon loose its shape and get deformed due to wear and tear. Such soft gold will not be able to take much physical pressure and thus the complete beauty of the jewellery will be lost soon. Thus to make such gold bangles and other types of jewellery more durable, we do not use 100% pure gold. Rather, we take X parts of pure gold, and mix it with Y parts of various other metals like Nickel, Zinc, Silver, Palladium etc to form gold which is not 100% pure. Generally, we use 22K gold for such gold jewellery making purposes.