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Gold Rate TodayToday Gold RateGold Price in India: India the second largest dealer of gold in the world after china. Of all the precious metals, Gold has always been considered the most popular as an investment due to which it is always the hot news in India. Investors generally buy gold as a way of diversifying risk, especially through the use of future contracts and derivatives. Gold has been used throughout history as money in India and plays the role of international trading currency which being the reason Gold Price in India and Silver price in India are Evergreen hot topics. There are five major states on which Gold Rate in India depends most and they are Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, kolkata and Bangalore.
24 Carat Gold Rate Today (Innathe Swarna Vila) in India is   5828/- per 1 gram and   58280/- per 10 grams and the 22 Carat Gold rate is   5550/- per 1 gram and   55500/- per 10 grams on 2023-09-27.

Gold Price Today -

Gold Rate Today

24 Karat Pure Gold


Today India gold price is 58280 rupees per 10 grams
24 Karat Gold Rate Today
  5828 /- Rupees per gram
  58280 /- Rupees per 10 grams
  582800 /- Rupees per 100 grams
  5828000 /- Rupees per 1 KG
22 Karat Gold Rate Today
  5550 /- Rupees per gram
  55500 /- Rupees per 10 grams
  555000 /- Rupees per 100 grams
  5550000 /- Rupees per 1 KG
Gold Rate Today in India
States & Cities Pure Gold (24 K) Standard Gold (22 K)
1 gram 10 grams 1 grams 10 Gram
Kolkata   5891   58910   5610   56100
Surat   5837   58370   5559   55590
Ahmedabad   5837   58370   5559   55590
Bangalore   5838   58380   5560   55600
Delhi   5828   58280   5550   55500
Pune   5825   58250   5548   55480
Mumbai   5825   58250   5548   55480
Hyderabad   5754   57540   5480   54800
Chennai   5754   57540   5480   54800

Silver Price Today

Silver Price Today in India

Silver Price


Today Silver Price is 77000 rupees per 1kg.

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